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Language Delay

Communicating with people in our lives is a natural part of human development and one of our most basic needs.  Communication takes many forms, both verbal and non-verbal, and it begins at birth with a baby’s first cry.  For some children, learning to communicate verbally does not come easily.  Sometimes the reason for these difficulties is obvious; other times it is less clear.  Early intervention for children with language delays has been proven to be very effective, and is crucial in helping these children.

Warning signs are evident, for example, children starting kindy are aged between 3 ½ and 4 ½ years.  By this time, does your child

  • Talk in whole sentences using adult-like grammar?
  • Tell a story that is easy to follow?
  • Ask many questions?
  • Answer who, how, how many questions?
  • Use I, me, you, he and she properly?
  • Start a conversation and continue it, staying on the same topic?
  • Use language to create pretend situations when playing with others?
  • Do people outside the family understand more than ¾ of what he/she says?


If any of these questions are answered with a “no”, a referral to your local speech pathologist should be sought.

Snack Ideas

The kindergarten has a nutrition policy in relation to food provided from home for morning tea & lunch time.  A healthy and nourishing lunch is important to help kids stay alert and active throughout the day.

Here are some healthy snack ideas to put in your lunchboxes!

  • Fresh whole fruit
  • Carrot, zucchini or celery sticks combined with healthy dips e.g. hommus or mashed avocado
  • Preserved fruit in natural juice
  • Small quantities of dried fruit
  • Trail mixes of dried fruit with a plain cereal
  • Fruit salad with yoghurt or custard
  • Frozen fruit slushies
  • Fruit mixed with coconut
  • Frozen fruit
  • Smoothies (blended yoghurt, milk and fruit)
  • Yoghurt or custard
  • Yoghurt with muesli
  • Cheese slices or sticks with crackers
  • Raisin or fruit toast
  • English muffins with banana
  • Rice cakes with low fat toppings
  • Pikelets topped with ricotta cheese
  • Vegetable pikelets or savoury scones
  • Baked bean jaffles
  • Baked potato filled with creamed corn and cheese
  • Pita bread nachos sprinkled with cheese
  • Scrambled eggs cooked with frozen corn and grated cheese
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Vegetable, meat or tuna patties served hot or cold