Kindergarten Enrolments are open now for 2024!

If you are looking for a kindergarten for your child in 2024, we are currently still taking enrolments.

The only play-based Kindergarten Program in the Whitsundays

At Proserpine Public Kindergarten, we offer educational kindergarten programs for ages 3 to 5 ½ years.  Our environment is exciting, educational, welcoming, enriching, encouraging, caring, fun, evolving, challenging, and one of endless discovery.

Our Kindy. Our Family. Our Community

Here at Proserpine Public Kindergarten we cherish the notion of providing a strong developmental program, within a warm and supportive environment in order for children to grow to their best abilities.

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Proserpine-Kindergarten-Kindy-Whitsundays (1)



We incorporate yoga, nature, and gardening into our daily activities while focusing on child-centered teaching methods. 


Our classroom, playground, mud kitchens, chicken coop, and garden provide a special landscape for learning.


Art activities stimulate the children’s imagination and further their creative and physical abilities.


We believe that playing is vital for all learning and development. Indoor and outdoor activities are equally important.

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What’s On

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