About Us

Welcome to Proserpine Public Kindergarten! We are a friendly and inclusive educational community, dedicated to providing high-quality early childhood education.


Welcome to the Proserpine Public Kindergarten, we’re delighted that you are taking the time to discover what our Kindergarten has to offer. We believe our happy, nurturing environment will provide the ideal opportunity for your child to learn and grow.

The Proserpine Public Kindergarten is approved under the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010, through the Office of Early Childhood Education & Care. Proserpine Public Kindergarten is affiliated with The Lady Gowrie (QLD) and our program aligns and promotes the Learning development
outcomes of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning guidelines, which shows clearly defined links to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

To view the National Regulations and the Education and Care Services National Law Act, please visit www.acecqua.gov.au.

We acknowledge the Gia, Giru and Ngaro people of the land on which we work, travel and live. 

We pay our respects to their elders, their ancestors and future generations.

Our Story

Thirty seven young children attended the Proserpine Public Kindergarten on Monday, April 2 1962. The Proserpine Kindergarten Association had been formed on the 19 February that same year. The Proserpine Shire Council at the time, offered the use of the old Library building as suitable to utilize as a Kindergarten, after some painting, fencing and netting for a play area.

1967 the Kindergarten moved into the “much travelled Kindergarten building”. This building began life as the Palm Grove School, built at a cost of 200£ (pounds) on the other side of Cedar Creek Falls in 1916. The building was moved in 1923 to become the Windermere School on the western side of Shute Harbour Road (then known as Cannonvalley Road), where it served as a school until 1942.


Proserpine-Kindergarten-Kindy-Whitsundays-about (1)
Proserpine-Kindergarten-Kindy-Whitsundays-about (1)


In 1946 it was moved again to the grounds of Proserpine State School behind where the Proserpine Entertainment Centre stands, and was used to house the High Top until 1961, when the new High School was opened in Ruge Street. In 1967 the Kindergarten moved in.

Move forward to 2013 – Proserpine Guardian 22 May 2013 hosted a For Sale notice: “Proserpine Kindergarten has purchased its new building – old building must be sold”

After many, many years of fundraising, the local community managed to raise a significant amount of money, that together with a Queensland Government Grant (2012 Renovation & Refurbishment Grant), produced our wonderful current building which was fully established and announced officially open in 2014.

Our Educators



Director & Lead Educator

I am Miss Amy, I have worked as the Director and Teacher of the Proserpine Public Kindergarten, in a full time capacity since 2005. I hold a 4 year Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and am passionate about “Literacy in Education”. The most rewarding part of my job is getting to see children grow and develop from the beginning of the year to the end of the year and forming connections with children and families as the child continues their Educational journey through Primary and High School and beyond.




I am Miss Sal, I have been working at the Proserpine Public Kindergarten as the Full time Educator since 2008. I have a Diploma of Child Care and Education and have worked in the Industry for over 26 years. I love to nurture and support the children, and treasure my part in helping them develop, and prepare them for the future to become independent and confident learners. I enjoy giving each child the greatest start to their educational journey by providing a safe, nurturing environment, where they feel nurtured and supported in a calm relaxed learning environment, where they can reach their full potential.




I am Miss Tarni, I have been working at the Proserpine Public Kindergarten since 2017 as a Casual Educator. During this time I have completed a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. I am very passionate about working with children. I love the energy they bring and being able
to see them grow and develop new skills every day. I love being an Educator inspiring wonder, curiosity and happiness in all the children.

Proserpine Public Kindergarten Philosophy Statement

At Proserpine Public Kindergarten we value all children as individuals and work hand in hand with parents to meet their individual needs. Our aim is to give every child the very best early learning experience, as well as the space to develop to their full potential, through a play based curriculum that allows for independent choices and individual development.

We achieve this by:

  • Planning experiences that allow children to construct knowledge and understandings enhancing their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative development.
  • Acknowledging parents as their children’s first teachers and developing positive relationships and mutual respect between home and Kindy.
  • Believing children to be capable and confident learners, whose further development is scaffolded by experienced early childhood staff.
  • Valuing children’s identity through respect for the culture and diversity of all families.
  • Providing a strong sense of belonging through inclusion and participation of all children at the service.
  • Providing an environment that is safe, accessible, creative, challenging and evolving.
  • Valuing each child’s individualism by following their interests to develop appropriate, open ended activities and experiences.
  • Being welcoming and encouraging the involvement of parents and community members.

We are a community based organisation run for and by the community. We are confident that Proserpine Public Kindergarten will provide your child with a joyful, vibrant and exciting learning experience.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

We understand the importance of building a strong foundation for your child, and our dedicated educators are committed to fostering their creativity, curiosity, and love for learning. With a child-centric approach and a range of engaging activities, we provide a fun-filled experience that helps children to develop essential life skills and prepare them for the future.


What Our Families are Saying

We love Miss Amy, Miss Sal and Miss Julie.
This kindy is a lovely place for your little one to go before they embark on the ‘big school’ journey. The teachers are caring, friendly and it’s just a lovely place to go.

Josh N Samantha Faltinsky

Highly recommend Proserpine Public Kindy Miss Amy and Miss Sal are fantastic educators!

Angela Helly

Miss Amy, Miss Sal and Miss Julie are amazing at what they do and are beautiful souls. They became a big piece of my childrens' hearts and they miss them all now they are at big school.
We highly recommend Proserpine Public Kindy. Their approach to learning is like no other. The facilities and the outside play area are outstanding. There truly isn't a Kindy like it in the Whitsundays.

Danni Green

We have been so happy with this kindy and our little man absolutely loves going each week. The teaching staff are so wonderful with the kids and the facilities and fun based learning activities have been fantastic. The chicken coup, vegetable patch, beautiful big yard, outings to the library (next door), community feel of the kindergarten and warm teachers has made for a wonderful year. Our little man will be sad to leave this year! We look forward to sending our youngest one here in the coming years as well  Thank you Miss Amy, Miss Sal, Miss Julie and the wonderful teaching staff for making this year so special and enjoyable!

Allira Griffiths

Could not wish for a better kindy for our little man to go to. Miss Amy & Miss Sal have been so wonderful with Ty he is so shy but he has settled so well thanks to his teachers and all their hard work.

Sarah Jeffs

My little man absolutely LOVES attending kindy at Proserpine Public Kindergarten. This kindy is warm, loving, friendly and just like a second home for the children with chicken and veggie patch just to name some of the unique things they offer. Miss Amy, Sal, Tarni and Julie are wonderful and care for the children as if they are their own. More than happy with our experience at this kindy and will be sending the rest of my children here in the near future..

Selena Daly

This is a fantastic kindy! Very friendly and loving.

Queiroga Kay